Our Ministries

Heart of Providence

Ministries of Worship and Arts

The purpose of the Heart of Providence ministries is to bring glory to God and to reflect His glory to others. This purpose acknowledges God's glory as the central theme in creation and redemption.

Mind of Providence

Ministries of Education

The purpose of the Mind of Providence ministries is to cultivate believers who exhibit godly character and possess an accurate and intimate knowledge of God.

Voice of Providence

Ministries of Fellowship

The purpose of the Voice of Providence ministries is for believers at Providence to lovingly strengthen and encourage one another in the faith. This purpose recognizes the importance of gracious communication.

Hands of Providence

Ministries of Mercy

The purpose of the Hands of Providence ministries is to actively seek out and meet needs of people in our community.

Feet of Providence

Ministries of Missions and Evangelism

The purpose of the Feet of Providence ministries is the proclamation of the gospel and the making of disciples in our community, nation and world.

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