Heart of Providence

Worship Services

Time:  Sunday, 10:00 AM

Location:  Huntwick Clubhouse, 5300 Coral Gables Dr.

Contact:  David Duty, 713-203-4040


The content of the Sunday worship service is organized into four major sections: Entrance into Worship, Service of the Word, Service of the Table, and Dismissal to Serve. During this time worshipers participate through prayer, reading, scripture reading, active listening, and communion.

Worship Arts



Contact:  Wendy Wells, 713-553-7303


Talented musicians of all ages are utilized in presentational and accompanying roles during the Sunday morning worship service.


Providence Chimes


Contact:  Wendy Wells, 713-553-7303


Providence Chimes is a multi-generational two octave tone chimes choir which periodically presents solo pieces and accompanies congregational singing during the Sunday morning worship service.


Christmas Pageant


Contact:  Amy Duty, 713-252-2906


This creative retelling of the Christmas story, directed and acted by Providence members, has been presented in various indoor and outdoor settings for the past eight years.


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